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Chinese vs American weddings


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hi friends, i have a research paper to do and i need some inputs to write my paper. if you would kindly help me answer some of these questions i would really appreciate your kindness.

What are your thoughts about the chinese wedding in comparsion to the american wedding?

if you were associated with the american and chinese culture, what kind of wedding would you like for your wedding? (this can relate to financial issues).

what are two things you like and dislike about the chinese wedding?

what is the average number of gifts the groom is willing to give to the bride's family?

again, i'd appreciate it very much. Thanks

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i am also interest in this issue,,i am just wondering how much money will american spend on their weddings ,,especially the wedding pictures ,,,most of the new couples in china will spend about 5000yuan to take pictuers,,,i think that is an average number,,people spend more than 10000 exist everywhere,in my opinion that is a waste of money,,

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what are two things you like and dislike about the chinese wedding?

what is the average number of gifts the groom is willing to give to the bride's family?

Looks like you've done your homework. The Groom doesn't actually give gifts to the family. He gives hong bao, red bags of money. The wedding takes place over a whole day.

Some of the details might be wrong or differ regionally, but...

In the morning there is a ritual sometimes done in the apartment but usually in a rented car/limo. The Bride has just been driven from her parents house to the new house (groom's or groom's family). The groom knocks on the window and talks with the mother-in-law and asks her for the right to marry her daughter. There is some back and forth. Then the brides mother asks for the red bag dowry. The groom passes increasing amounts of money to the mother in denominations of 9 (the biggest number 99, 99, 1999, etc.) finally the mother is satisfied and let's the daughter join the husband. Then they go into house have a second Family gathering with in-laws and best friends (The first one happens at the bride's family house) .

Then I think the Bride and groom go with their close friends and relatives to a light lunch. (the parents might take a nap during this time to prepare for the main event at night). After lunch photos may be taken and other preparations made for the ceremony party.

in the evening the bride and groom greet guests who give red bags of money for wedding gifts, and help pay for the wedding. (A note is taken down who gives money and how much so it can be resprocated at later weddings or births etc..)

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At one wedding during the party ceremony after the rings were exchanged the groom gave the bride a high limit debit card with the password 520 520 which in chinese has a similar sound as I love you Wo Ai ni.

The thing that I like is interaction and after wedding party get you in the mood games for the bride and groom,Nao dong fang (which they say is more lively in Nanjing than other places)

Somethings I don't like is that at some weddings cigarettes and smoking is part of the show. As well as chocolates guests are sometimes given cigarettes. As well as toasts the bride sometimes has to light people cigarettes (which becomes a game of how not to let it light up.)

Too much information but perhaps others can clarify details.

have fun,


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