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Chinese Forums Blocked???


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I have been blocked since this morning and can only access through a VPN. It is apparently a key word block (no time outs) however access to the entire site is blocked.

It doesn't appear Imron and Roddy are experiencing this (at least since they are still posting and haven't said anything) but I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.

My location is a highly sensitive research area as well as is closer to Tibetan areas and sometimes I think I have another filter in place over the great fire wall that subjects me to even more security but this is just a guess.

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No other reports, and I can see people from a few different locations in China online. I'd be inclined to suggest network / dns issues somewhere along the line. Don't touch anything for ten minutes, disconnect the VPN, click this link which won't have any dubious content at all, and tell us what if any error messages you get.

Also, can you access



If you are on an academic / corporate network they may well have their own measures in place.

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I was just unable to get the site to load for the longest time (just getting a could not be found error page).

Then occasionally the main page would load, but if I clicked anything it would just time out and go back to the error message.

Seems better now though....

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I'd be inclined to suggest network / dns issues somewhere along the line.

I'm thinking this may be right as even though I'm able to access the site, the speeds are unusually slow.

Careful, you're still on probation!

I beg thy wonderful greatness for forgiveness due to the slip of my tongue!!!

(PS that double post was also due a connection reset where I thought the post didn't go through hit refresh only to find it did!!!! I don't know if I should blame firefox or big brother.... :evil:)

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Friends of mine at a university not i BJ or SH could not reach the thread on Lhasa when I sent the link to them. It has been so for a couple of days. They couldn´t read that thread, regardless if logged in or not, and didn´t get it as a result when searching for "lhasa" in the forumsearch. Instead they get a 403-page.

What does all this mean?

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Also, bear in mind that the News forum is not open to new members.

If they're on a university network they may be subject to the university's own limits, as well as general Internet ones. Given the 403 error, I'd say that's what is happening.

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