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Criticism on my pronunciation


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Too many stuffs before getting to anything which is not save thing to accept on the net.


I have alread got something I don't want in my computer after clicking the link given above. But I don't think it's very dangurious one.

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Alright, I've finally gotten around to attaching something.

I've just finished recording this. I just leave this mp3 going on and on until my list of new words are tattooed in my brain.

I was considering trying over and over again until it was perfect before posting but I'd like to hear any input you might have. I could do better than this but I wait until it's perfect, I'm going to wait a long time.

This is an mp3 file, it lasts 3 minutes. It's +/- 360 kb.

It's been scanned with AVG anti-virus, with the latest viral definition.

Here goes.

20 words.mp3

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I'm not a native speaker, or even a fluent speaker for that matter, but here is my advice anyway. I'm leaving blank the words I don't know.

1. 招呼 is fine, but in mainland it tends to be pronounced as zhāo hu rather than zhāo hū.

2. 溫和 is correct tonally, but the 'e' in wēn should sound like the vowel sound in the English "wood" or "would" (at least in American English) rather than that of "when." The Pinyin -en normally rhymes with "sun," but it has that 'oo' (as in "wood" not "food") in this case because the syllable wen is really w + un.

3. 剛纔 is better, but your first syllable sounds a little bit like gēng to me.

4. 夥伴 is good.

5. 總算 is good.


7. 清新 is good.

8. 隨著 sounded like suí zhè. It should be pronounced suí zhe because 著 is always in the neutral tone when read as zhe.

9. 微波 sounds good, but ZDT says it means "microwave" rather than "ripple."

10. 圍 is good.


12. 蔚藍 is good.

13. 廣闊 is good.




17. 眼淚 is good.


19. 失望 doesn't sound like there's enough stress on the first tone of 失.


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