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Visiting Dalian

Flying Pigeon

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I've been in Qingdao for about a week and I'm thinking of taking the boat from Yantai to Dalian.

I checked out Ocean University in Qingdao and was impressed with the class I observed. As far as enrollment, the beggining classes seem kind of big, about 25-30 students; but the upper level classes have about 10-15 students.

I've searched the forums and according to the posts I've read, there are three universities in Dalian that offer Mandarin courses: DUFL, DUFE and Li Gong. Anyone currently studying at these universities? If so, can you provide me with their contact info? Is it possible to observe a class as well? I tried to send an email to DUFL but it bounced back. I also came across some bad feedback about DUFL, mainly about the administration. Is there still a bad vibe there?

Also, any suggestions as far as youth hostels in Dalian?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Dean Swanson

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I went to LNU - Liaoning Normal University in Dalian about 3 years ago.

I can certainly recommend it. But I think good or bad classes always depend on your teachers and not so much the university itself.

If you should decide to choose LNU, let me know. I am still in touch with my hostfamily. If you look for a flat or a hostfamily, my hostmum is probably able to help!

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I am thinking about doing the ARAQ network program at LNU this summer. From what I hear Dalian is where it's at for some serious Mandarin studying. About me: I am a 3rd year college student and have been taking Chinese for 2 years now. Anyway, the LNU program starts July 14, but I will be able to come to China as early as June 9. Any idea what I could do to study during that time in between?

If anyone else has any suggestions please let me know asap. Thanks!

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I'd suggest just to go to the university and ask for a private tutor. The guys in the office and probably even the teachers should be able to arrange something...

Otherwise just take the time for a month of traveling...

Do you want me to arrange a meeting with my host-mum? She'd probably be able to help you find a flat or a hostfamily. She lives really close by LNU. If so, please just sent me a private message with your e-mail, phone number...

Wish you an awesome time in Dalian!!

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