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BNU tuition and term question

cui ruide

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Hey folks, I have a couple of questions about the BNU program...

1. Does tuition include housing and/or food?

2. Regarding short-term study (3, 4, 5 weeks, etc.)...can you start this any time of the year, or is still within the normal time frame of a normal semester?

3. What are the dates of the normal semesters?


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1. No, accommodation is separate and there's a choice depending on what type of luxury/sharing you want. Food is cheap in the student canteens, about 4y a dish.

2. I didn't know BNU did short term courses apart from the Summer course.

3. No idea; their website is notoriously rubbish. Which semester were you interested in?

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3. What are the dates of the normal semesters?

Chinese educational system is of two semesters in a year, one in the Spring (February) and another in the Autumn ( Often 1st September). It slightly differs from one school/uni to another (around a week or so).

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cui ruide,

i dont know anyone who has joined in the middle of the semester and only stayed short term. everyone began and ended following the semester schedule.

re: the summer program, i found out, is not open to individuals - but only to students that come to bnu through a partner university from overseas (SOAS, EAP, etc.).

the semesters at bnu this past year:


entrance test: sept 4

first day of class: sept 10

mid terms: nov 15,16

last day of class/finals: jan 14,15



entrance test: feb 20

first day of class: feb 25

mid terms: april 17-18

last day of class/finals: june 9-10

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Thanks guys, I'm just trying to get a general idea. I'm thinking about getting back over there winter 08-09/spring-09 and feel like I should get back in the classroom to polish what will by then be my rusty Chinese before looking for some work. Originally I was thinking a couple of weeks (maybe a short, intensive month), but it seems a semester is really economical--just a matter if I want to spend the time. Still a ways off though, so I have time to consider. ;p

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