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What textbook to buy next?


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What textbook to buy next?

I will soon be through with all of the five BLCU 汉语口语速成 。 I have been studying Chinese for about 1 and a half years, but had to go back to my home country two times in between, each stay lasting for about half a year. I forgot a lot each time I went back.

The 高级篇 I am using right know contains of texts which are based on newspaper articles that have been rewritten, to make it easier for the reader/student. I am able to understand normal newspaper articles, but it takes a lot of time and I only get an overall idea of what the article is about. I would say my speaking and listening is better than my reading and writing. I feel limited/handicapped when reading articles, but the same limitation does not apply when watching TV, speaking Chinese or understanding my Chinese friends. I think I know about/less than 3000 words. This should give you an idea about my Chinese level.

My aim with the next textbook is to improve my reading ability. Considering this the book I am looking for should have some of the following characteristics:

1) New word list to go with the text. Great if the new words are explained in Chinese.

2) Tape or CD (rather tape) to go with the text

3) Some exercises, that let you use the new words

4) A series of books, like Volume 1, 2 and so on

5) Interesting articles, if there is any such book

If anybody knows any books that have some of the above-mentioned characteristics, please let my know. I am currently studying in Dalian, and if you happened to know how to get the books up here, please write that as well.

Thank you very much, all help is appreciated.

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Princeton has a lot of upper intermediate/advanced level textbooks that focus on reading, and many have audio available on CD thru Chinese Linguistics Project. I don't believe they are an "official" series but most are same author and style.

This 3rd year text from Princeton focuses on newspaper readings, has CDs:


The links below that lead to books that are all 3rd year, 4th year, and graduate level textbooks. All Things Considered, Anything Goes, Peril and Promise, Literature and Society, and Own Critics all have CD sets available to buy.

Two other options that come to mind:

China Scene - http://www.cheng-tsui.com/store/products/china_scene

Not so much newspaper but each chapter does both spoken dialog and the more formal style one encounters in TV newscasts for a given subject, and it makes a point of contrasting them.

Reading Into A New China - http://www.cheng-tsui.com/store/products/reading_new_china

That's a revision of New Text For a Modern China that is supposed to have digital audio available.

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Thank you very much for the sugggestions.

I will buy these two books, because they are cheaper and maybe as good as the Princton ones, plus easier to order. Maybe a bit difficult, but probably a good read.



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