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multi-speaker stories?


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in case most of you didnt notice where i posted this website in another thread, i'll post it here: www.mmmppp333.com it has many audio files for (chinese & foreign) novels, legends, xiangsheng performances, etc.. lots of good stuff. i hope it can benefit many of you. :)

now with that offered, i'd like to ask something of you all. the novels on that site are mostly single-narrator audios. i'm wondering if anyone has found a place to get stories told by different people playing each character. such as radio shows as we have in the west. i'm sure something like this must be out there in the chinese world.

it brings a whole other dimension and interest into the audio, with different voices and background sounds and whatnot. the single-narrator, no background sounds and animations make the audio kind of dry.

looking for some radio type stories. anything? a similar thing would be like christian radio program my mother listened to in the car sometimes called "adventures in odyssey". not that i'm looking for religious stuff. but its just an example of the type of thing i'd like.

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hello , i'm a chinese .Hope you can understand what i say.Perhaps that kind of things (radio shows )can be called in "广播剧". And you can use this word to make a search in "www.baidu.com"or other website.by this means i got one and i'll post it here: http://music.jschina.com.cn/class/guangboju.html

but i don't kown whether it is the type of things that you want.anyway,hope it can benefit you.by the way,my english is not very well.and i hope someone can help me.my skype id is rose-tango and nickname is:rosetango 谢谢~~:)

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