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I was given this name a couple years ago. I've been to China a couple times and it seems that this name is kind of strange as Ihave to visually depict the first character and then state: 老虎的虎。 I'm aware of the similarity (if mispronounced),with 爱护。  Does this name sound funny to the Chinese? If so, I'll be looking for another name. So the next question would be: Is it better to have an authentic Chinese name as a foreigner or to have a transliterated name?

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As a nickname, I think it Ok. But as a formal one, consider a change.

According to the dictionary:

艾虎 (1)(动物)fitch (2) cloth tiger filled with mosa (worn by some people on the head in the belief that it can ward off evils)

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ok, so after a search of most commonly used surnames and given names I came up with this combination:


Afterwards, I googled it and it seems that liu zhi yuan was an emperor for three years, the founder of the Later Han dynasty.

what do you think?


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Great name in itself, but I wouldn't name myself after an emperor, it looks weird.

Generally foreigners get names that sound kind of like their original name, but follow the Chinese naming conventions. If you want people here to think of a good name for you, it helps if you post your real name (for the sound), and what kind of meaning you would like.

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