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Beijing Police Coats


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I have a really big favor to ask of someone who lives in Beijing. I'm from the states, but I have a friend who loves the style of the Beijing police winter coats, I've searched everywhere for one with no luck. I attached a picture of him next to the officer. If anyone can show me where to get a coat like this or even get one for me, I'd pay for shipping and everything.

I would be so greatful.



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Looks like a security guard rather than police - the shoes are a giveaway, if the lack of the word 'police' anywhere isn't.

We had a similar request a couple of years ago, see here. Army surplus stores, uniform suppliers. If you can manage the Chinese a search for 大衣 on taobao.com will turn up plenty.

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yea that's a security guard, not a police officer. and tbh not an interesting uniform, I have seen a lot "cooler" on both security and real govt. officials. Looking like that is frequently associated with being "poor". (You don't make a lot to stand around all day doin virtually nothing), in fact I have occasionally joked with my wife in the past about wearing a security guard coat, but she didn't want me to look like "some dirty peasant"

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I like the black trench coats with the large collars. If you pull the collar up and button it, you look like someone from an anime or video game where only the part of your head above the nose is exposed. Sort of like this character from the final fantasy video game:


Except sold black, and more "realistic" :lol: Think it is just regular security guards I see on occasion with this sort of coat.

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