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First episode 4: 微笑pasta


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A part of the Grand First Episode Project -- See this thread for more info.

Despite saying earlier that I wouldn't have time to watch this I felt guilty about letting down the Grand First Episode Project so I squeezed out a bit of space in my busy Sunday schedule to watch

the first episode of 微笑 pasta on youku - mysoju (English subs)

Wikipedia synopsis

I got fifteen minutes in and I'm giving up. I can't bear it. Everyone talks like children's TV presenters, there are far too many bright colors, and there seems to be constant background music. If there's a future episode where the entire cast get killed in some freak accident I'll skip forward and watch that happily though.

As far as the plot goes, I think there's a pop star who's got a girlfriend who loves someone else, and a girl whose dad owns a pasta restaurant.

Ignoring the negativity - if you like shows where people talk like children's TV presenters, there are lots of bright colors, and the background music is constant, this could well be the show for you!

Incidentally, this show is quite long - the first episode is a whopping 70 minutes. Also the subtitles on the link above are traditional, and none too clear.


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Well, I watched a little bit of this too, and it's basically as you guys say. It's kind of a mix between Hannah Montana and Super Mario Bros on Nintendo GameCube, including the video game sound and graphics effects randomly appearing in every scene.

I don't know why this one seems to be so popular, I guess I'm not the target audience, and that there are people who are really into this kind of idol teenager shows.

In any case, the wiki has a decent synopsis of the first episode, so I'll link it for people who might be interested.

I've tried looking for a transcript, but I've found nothing so far.

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I have no interest in recommending this show, but I think it deserves a slightly better shake than it has gotten. After the first fifteen minutes, it's a little better/less musical.

Fun first episode stuff:

-Pasta girl gets dumped in the middle of the street

-Biker gang fight, with bats

-Pasta girl gets caught mostly naked

-Someone dies in a stream (it's sort of like the beginning of Cliffhanger, except less interesting, and less Stallone)

-Hiking, with...guitars

Diclaimer: I'm pretty much making my way through all the First Episodes. I didn't just randomly watch an older show noone liked.

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