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Guangzhou Worldy Education Department


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I would like to advise anyone coming to Guangzhou, China not to work for Guangzhou

Worldy Education Department. The company name has changed in the past so please look out for a lady called Mary Yuq. It is her English name and she uses it to fraudulently sign contracts that are not legitimate as you will be made to work without a visa when you first arrive. I have many teacher friends who have been conned by this company and they have a bad reputation throughout Guangzhou.

They make you work illegally, long hours, the contract is misleading, they do not pay you for holidays when they should, they lie to you and hold your passport as to stop you from leaving, they do not pay you on time, the Chinese in the contract is not the same as the English, they have changed company names many times as to continue operating.

These are to name but a few of the problems that the teachers went through during my time with Guangzhou Worldy Education Department.

I repeat. Think wisely before you enter into discussions with this company.

From a very unhappy teacher still living in Guangzhou hence why no email address.

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Thanks for the warning.

It is good to put up bad experiences as others can use the forums or google to vet whether schools are legitimate or not.

Holding your passport to prevent you from quiting is quite serious, as well as the other bad behavior it is good you told people about them.



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Holding someone's passport against their will is I'm-calling-my-embassy-and-reporting-your-a** serious. A note to anyone who may not know, there is never a justifiable reason for a company to keep your passport against your will.

Thanks for the post, it is good for foreigners to network and share information, like Chinese (or many other nationalities) do when they're abroad.

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