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Chinese Characters on Firefox for Mac


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I'm having some trouble with certain character encodings on my Mac in Firefox.

I can view most Chinese websites without any problem, but there are certain websites that don't display the characters properly. (i.e.: www.people.cn)

This is what it looks like:


I have the 字符编号 set to 用户定义... any ideas what the problem could be?

There aren't any problems on Safari, but I use Chinese-pera-kun a lot and other add-ons... :help

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I remember having a similar problem when I first got my Mac, and I seem to recall that it's related to the default Chinese font used by firefox. Try going into the options and changing the font used for chinese. I remember also that I ended up disabling one of the fonts at the system level so it would never be chosen. When I get home later today, I'll check which one it was.

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I have the same problem!

I have no idea of what to do. I tried to download firefox in chinese, but nothing changed. I downloaded other software but that changed nothing!:evil:

So for this kind of website im obliged to use safari. But, i do not like it at all!

Love firefox!:wink:

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I remember having the exact same problem, but I can't for the life of me remember the detailed steps for how I solved it, but I'm almost 100% sure it was a font problem. I thought I'd also posted something about it here, but I can't seem to find anything.

Anyway, I checked my computer and can't find which font I disabled (maybe I deleted it instead), however the font that Firefox currently uses on my Mac is "Hei". What happens if you set this font and then reload the page?

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Hey! I did it!

Thanks, imron! I found PMingLiu and clicked and dragged it to the Disabled Fonts folder. Now it works! Thanks for your help! :mrgreen:

Now I can use my precious 扩展组件!

Everyone that was coping with the beta version should just try disabling the fonts - it works!

Thanks again, imron!

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