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Banking Websites Blocked?


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Okay so I haven't been able to directly access my bank (www.wamu.com) Washington Mutual for about 2 weeks now except through VPN. However my credit card (www.wamucards.com) has been fine. Just curious if anyone else has had problems from the great firewall with there financial institution of WAMU specifically.

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Hi I have the same issue also and so does my wife. We can't access wamu.com We can only access wamucards.com.

Now I have figure out a way to access it by using http://www.proxy4china.com/

I can view my account but there is some transactions I can't comeplte, and I have not figre out the way how to. For example I can't make payemnts or trnafer funds.

Curently I can access and coemplte all trasactions only whne I am using my BlackBerry which is a pain since the scree is so small.

Does anybody ales have a way to access the site without using http://www.proxy4china.com/ ?


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I would recommend you to get a VPN and NOT use a proxy for accessing and doing bank stuff. Especially the transfers and other things as it seems to be that proxys are not able to handle effectively (and I doubt safely as well) those type of things.

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I second what muyongshi said. Never use public proxies for doing personal banking!

If you don't have the technical know-how to set up your own private proxy, then there are companies like Witopia that provide VPN services that allow you to bypass all the website blocks.

Considering you have already logged into your bank using a public proxy service, I would also recommend changing your online banking password.

*Disclosure: Chinese-forums is a Witopia affiliate. If you use that link to make a purchase, then for less than 1 RMB a day you not only get a fully-functional VPN which will solve all blocking issues within China, you also drop a few coins in the forums' coffers.

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