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X visa questions


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Hi all,

I want to get an X visa to start studying in september in China for one year. But is this still possible? The Chinese embassy doesn't pick up the phone and all the " i'll arrange your visa companies " don't know it.

So.. is it possible to obtain an X visa so I can go to China in August and start my course in September? :roll:

thanks in advance.

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It was possible at the end of February when I've got my one year X visa.

Anyway I didn't get my X visa at embassy in my country, but in China.

I suppose that it also depends when in August you plan to come, but there should be no changes to student visas.

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It will certainly be possible. Foreign students are a large cash cow and will not be shut out. The question is whether arrival times may be dictated to make sure that you do not arrive until after the Olympics. That said, you probably don't want to be here during the Olympics anyway, as costs will be higher and everything more difficult, especially for a new arrival such as yourself.

Since your X visa is only good for 30 days and needs to be replaced with a residency permit, which will require documentation provided during school registration, I don't recommend arriving more than two weeks ahead of classes anyways. I arrived a month early and came within a day of having some issues.

I would feel confident in making your plans to arrive after the closing ceremonies and apply for the visa.

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Thanks for the advice! The only problem is that if I arrive after the closing ceremonies, I'll miss the first 2/3 weeks of class. Because it ends the 18th of september if i'm correct. ( paralympics end then.. ) So that's kind of the problem, I would like to arrive around the 20th of august! But you guys don't know yet if it's possible ?

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Once you apply for university (or language course...), they'll provide you with the documents needed to apply for your x-visa. There hasn't been any change in student visas.

You should be able to come August 20th but it depends on the university/ school you'll be going to. Where I'm at, they've asked us to come around August 25th, since the dorms will be in use during the Olympics (they need time to clean them up before the new students come in). The Paralympics should not interfere with you getting a visa.

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