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Anytime I stumble over 则 in a sentence I am not really sure what to do with it. Seems like quite a few times you can just leave it to the side and I am pretty sure it is not meant to be translated anyhow but has merly some grammatical function which I cant figure out. Any help here?

Thanks heaps


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And then there are also some in the west who in the same way of accusing China of the so-called human right issue in the past ...

The 則 tells me that before the sentence you quoted the writer has mentioned at least one other case of how China is treated (I assume that this is the subject matter).

Take a look at this explanation -> http://cdict.giga.net.tw/?q=%ABh

(expresses contrast with a previous sentence or clause)

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Under the topic, 则 has two basical meanings as I can think of:

1) works the way similar to "then":

“山不在高,有仙则名” —————— transliteration: No matter the mountain is not high, if there are immortals,then it becomes famous.

Also, "兼听则明,偏信则暗"

2) works the way similar to "while" making a contrast:

"有些人离开了,有些人则留了下来” ----------- Some people left while others remained..

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