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Another visa question


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I'm planning on returning to Dalian and studying at the TLI there this summer but these tighter visa restrictions have me a little worried. From what I hear, if I study at a Chinese university then I should be fine - bring paperwork to the consulate and should be okay. In the case of TLI though it's a private language school so I'm not sure if they would be able to grant a X visa - actually I'm pretty sure because Xander mentioned that TLI Dalian issued him an F visa, which is normally for business

In his case, it was approved but these new regulations I heard were targeting the F visas, making them a lot harder to obtain. If I try to get an F visa with TLI claiming I have some business stuff to do in China, do you think I could still get the visa these days? I'm looking at a 6 month visa, single entry is fine.

Also, after I finish my studies I hope my Mandarin level is good enough to start my job in Beijing. Do you think I should go through my company rather than TLI to get a visa? I wouldn't be officially working yet, but because I'd be learning Mandarin, that in itself is kind of work-related. Would it be easier to get a visa through my company and then use that visa time period to study?

THANKS for anyone willing to share info!!

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Mike, if I was you, I would do my best to secure an X visa, no matter what. Story now is to get an F visa, you pretty much need a bunch of documentation like a roundtrip plane ticket, accomodation (I think) and most importantly a stamped official invitation from a Chinese gov't ministry. If TLI can't get you an X, you might have to go elsewhere to do it.

I applied for a multi entry F (from HK) with my business supporting me, a bunch of documents and everything, and all I got was a multiple entry 6 month, L visa (tourist) with 30 day stay limits.

Of course F visas are still officially available according to the jargon, but the new regulations are not very clear. In other words, no one knows whats going on. Best to ask groups like AmCham and others...

How are things back home?

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