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Private schools in Guangzhou?


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Does anyone know of any private schools in Guangzhou? I did a google search and I couldn't find anything other than the local TLI. The reason why I'm asking is because I probably won't get there 'til January when all the universities are closed for holidays.

Thanks in advance.

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hi. thanks for the link. Do you have some information about Sun Yat Sen or Jinan University for learning chinese? How do they compare with the universities in BJ in terms of learning mandarin? I am currently studying in BJ but the next semester I want to change, maybe going to Tsingua, Beida or maybe even going to GZ, that-s why my question.


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before i was a student of sun yet sen uni. now looking to study medicine in china..ya if you want admission in sunyet sen,zinan and otehr universities,i can guide you there..btw.. fee is around 17000 and not bad schools by name and reputaion.sun yet sen you will be imprisoned like a prisoner,campus is so big need 30 mins to come out of school by walking..zinan is also good and cost almost same.if you want less cheaper one can choose guangdong educational base ,etc. foreign languages around 13000 yuan but pretty in country side in tianhe district.

i recommend you zinan university,near to main centre of tianhe ,can go by walking and its oldest uni. here and famous for chinese language with enormous number of foreign students.

have dormitatry,good food everything inside the school.

thank you

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