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ZDT: handedict 0.3.0 is broken?


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I'm using the latest sandbox release oft zdt 0,80-04302008 and have added the latest handedict plugin, 0.3.0.

Somehow this handedict seems not contain some pretty common entries such as 旅行, or it gives puzzling results when searching, e.g. for 女 (see picture).


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Ok, I'm about to put out a 0.4.0 version of Handedict. It fixes some of the missing entries that had umlaut's in them.

Regarding the result for 女, this new versions does return 2 results. One with pinyin nu:3 and the other with pinyin ru3. I'm not sure what this second entry is, but it is in the dictionary file.

Regarding the last screenshot, the reason why ZDT is missing the ending 儿 is because the entries for it in handedict look something like this:

眼珠兒 眼珠儿 [yan3 zhu1 r5] /Augapfel (u.E.) (S)/

If you could get the Handedict maintainers to change from r5 to er5 like cedict does so the entry contains valid pinyin, I can get the next version of the plugin to import those entries in correctly.



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Thanx for the update. Much better now.

as for the 儿 er5 vs. 儿 r5 problem: handedict appears to sometimes contain both variants, as can be conjectured from the screenshot below. Perhaps this is because handedict contains not only reviewed entries but also not yet reviewed (and therefore not yet corrected) entries added by users.


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