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Translation of Beijing National Stadium introduction


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Dear friends,

while translating a text on the Beijng Nationa Stadium I've found a problem that I would like to share with you hoping that someone who knows Beijing better than me can help me. This is the sentence:


What I cannot understand is the last part "成府路在地下穿过用地". Probably it is just because I'm not familiar with Beijing's city planning. Can anyone of you please help me?

Thank you in advance,


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Chengfu lu 成府路 is a street in Wudaokou, in the north of Beijing. The sentence seems to mean that Chengfu lu goes underground to cross the area used. But I might be wrong.

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Dear friends,

I have some doubts about this sentence:


Are these







all proper names?

Should I translate it as:

(the first sentence is clear). On the west side there is the square LuHua, a pedestrian area (or a pedestrian green square?) of 200 m along the central axis, on the east side there are the hydrographic system of street Hubian Xi and Street Hubian Dong, on the north side there is Street Zhong Yi and on the south side there are Street Nan Yi and Street ChenFu that goes underground.

I'm sorry but I'm not familiar with Beijing's city planning. Can you please help me?

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I haven't been in Beijing for quite some time but those all look like proper names of streets.

绿化广场 Luhua Square

湖边西路 Hubian West Road or Hubian Xi Lu

湖边东路 Hubian East Road or Hubian Dong Lu

中一路 Zhongyi Road or Zhongyi Lu

南一路 Nanyi Road or Nanyi Lu

You can translate 西路 as 'West Road' or as 'Xi Lu', it depends on what the text is for. If it is for people who are actually going to Beijing and need to find these roads, you might want to keep it in pinyin; if it's just a description to give people who are not planning to go there an impression, translating it to English might be better.

You could try to find a map of this area (through google maps or some other service), so that you can see what the description is of. That might help in translating.

Generally 路 gets translated as 'road', and 街 as 'street'. Words like 'street' and 'road' always come after the name of the street of road, so Chengfu Road and Wall Street, not Road Chengfu or Street Wall.

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