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Listening material from cctv9's Sports Chinese


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There doesn't seem to be any discussion about this series which has been running for the last few months on cctv9 for those of us in China. It's pretty much intermediate level.

I'd like to upload a bunch of mp3s as good listening practice if there is any interest. I'm not sure if that would be breaking any copyright. And could someone let me know how to upload the files - there are about 40 files, altogether 100MB.

I have most of the transcripts as well.

Sports Chinse.rar

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Thanks for the suggestion Magores. I've uploaded a file called Sports Chinese, sound files.ace (100 MB), to sendspace.

You can use the following link to retrieve the file:


For those unfamiliar with the cctv9 Sports Chinese program, each episode has a dialog followed by vocab and grammar explanations. I've simply recorded & edited the sound as mp3 files, so it would be a good idea to check out the videos to get more context, available online at http://english.cctv.com/index.shtml

Use IE to see videos of older episodes; the links disappear if you use Firefox

Happy listening :)

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Ni hao alexkos, the link is fine. Unfortunately it's the access which is a little problem, but not too big. Try using Firefox's Tor add-on, very easy to install and use. Perhaps other people use other options. I'm sure there has been a lot of discussion about accessing the internet from within China. Look through the forum archives.

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Thanks for the files, Brendan. Their (CCTV) website has done some weird tricks to make it difficult to save the files (actually I can't even play them due to javascript errors), so it's good you did this. I just gave a quick listen so far, and they do seem like a good listen at an intermediate level. I did add some ID3v2 tags to mine, to make it easier to browse on my mp3 player. Here's what I have:

Title: CCTV Sports Chinese
Author: CCTV
Year: 2008
Genre: Chinese Language Courses
Comment: chinese-forums.com/showthread.php?p=151296; cctv.com/program/TravelinChinese_new/01/index.shtml

MP3 File List
    Size MB  Duration  File Name
01      5.15  0:07:30   SC 01 Introductions, 1 Dialogue.mp3
02      0.83  0:01:12   SC 01 Introductions, 2 Vocab.mp3
03      1.68  0:02:26   SC 01 Introductions, 3 Language points.mp3
04      2.34  0:03:23   SC 02 Expressing gratitude & regret, 1 Dialogue.mp3
etc. ...

If you've got the transcripts also, it would be really useful to include it. The cctv site has disabled control keys for those pages, so it takes a few extra keystrokes to hack past it.

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