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Looking for Classmates for a small Online Oral Chinese class


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Part 1

Hi all,

I am an upper-intermediate student with large vocabulary but occasional tone issues. I am currently doing tutoring twice a week (usually mondays and wednesday nights at 7 or 8) with a tutor. However I have found that it would better if I had a classmate to compete against and give each other reciprocal pressure to study hard.

I tested this online classroom and the quality seemed to be good though there were occasional issues of lag.

The book I am using is call A course in Chinese Colloquial Idioms 汉语口语习惯用语教程, by Beijing language and culture University Press. We will also have PPT presentation to guide us through the class. example of some of the sentences 这次考试考砸了. (I got a crap score on the last test)

or 我现在干什么都打不起精神来 ( not in high spirits, depressed.) There are also two business books that we use on an off.

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Part 2

The class is 1 hour and I am paying the tutor at the moment. (perhaps if you like it you can share the cost later)

I think because of band width issues and talking time the class will be limited to max 4 people or so.

The texts are interesting too.

So if you have questions or want to join write on this thread of send me a Private message.

have fun,


P.S. (I also arrange people to get Chinese tutors, but this class is for other upper intermediate classmates to study with)

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