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First episode 11 - 奋斗


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Since the transcript and vocab lists are available, I don't see any reason not to go ahead and dive in anyway.

My experience/learning curve was similar - the first few weeks were painful, but within a month or so the results were very tangible. Give it a try and stick with it for 4 weeks, no matter how painful - I'm guessing you will surprise yourself.

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Can't remember if it has been discussed on here already, but I heard a while ago that Xia Lin is married to Xiang Nan in real life.

...and he recently admitted that he cheated on her with a younger actress (姚笛), in a post which brought Weibo crashing down...

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I'm considering completing the Chinese transcripts for this. I see 7 transcripts for 32 episodes, so I'm talking about doing the other 25. I'm doing this for Clear Midsummer's Night (盛夏晚晴天) already, and would like to post all the transcripts in that same forum, including the existing 7. In exchange, the new 25 transcripts could be posted here. I can't figure out how to contact the author of the 7 to ask for permission to do this. 

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There isn't one person to ask - Atitarev posted a link to one of them, I think realmayo did some, I finished off one, but can't remember how much of it. 


(edited out unnecessary question, must not post before 9am...)

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I just came across an interesting blog post about the differences between 奋斗 and another popular (and I think superior) drama called 蜗居. I think it's pretty spot on.
















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On 5/10/2008 at 6:42 AM, renzhe said:

This show was very interesting. Although it occasionally delves into soap-opera sillyness, it was relatively realistic, with modern language and setting.


Yes, almost 15 years later I know, but I watched this series after finding it in this thread. My first time, in fact, to watch a complete native speaker series. It was exactly what I was looking for: something set in Beijing, realistic everyday conversational dialog, and a decent story. It took me almost 2 months to watch all 32 45min episodes. They sometimes speak very quickly, I paused nearly every line to read the Chinese subtitles(no English). In a way it was more of a reading exercise, but then I got to hear each sentence spoken naturally. It felt like an accomplishment to finish and it has been one of the most enjoyable things I've done since starting studying Chinese. I think I came across every single grammar structure I've ever studied in here and so many words and phrases that I have learned but wondered if I'd ever come across again. 


On 5/17/2009 at 5:18 AM, renzhe said:

Some random thoughts:向南 is an idiot of epic proportions and 米莱 is a good friend to have if you're looking to meet girls. The later episodes were indeed the strongest ones, as everyone grows up and things wrap up.

Overall, this was quite enjoyable. It is not particularly realistic, and there is some silliness around, but it remains watchable, the plot keeps moving for the most part, and the characters are mostly interesting. Not something I'd watch for its great artistic quality, but not bad either.

As a learning tool, this is probably the best resource out there. I urge everyone learning Chinese to watch this one all the way through. There are even vocabulary lists to help you along. There is so much dialogue, it is extremely modern, everyday speech, and it covers basically every topic imaginable, from business to family to relationships to weddings to funerals to music to design etc. etc. When starting to watch this, I could barely follow along, and just about manage to get the main idea. Towards the end, I could follow without subtitles and understand almost everything in it. Great listening drill, and a watchable series with pretty people too.

This is a spot on review. And yes 向南 has to be one of the biggest idiots ever, and 杨晓芸 one of the biggest b**ches ever.  Also, incidentally, the actor that played 向南 later married the actress that played 夏琳, and 杨晓芸's real life mom played 陆涛‘s mom. I actually thought all the acting was really well done. The actress who played 米莱 - 王珞丹 was especially good. 华子 was the coolest. Apparently, this show was the breakthrough for most of these young actors and they are mostly still pretty big now. And yes, all pretty people.

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I followed suMMit's comment/reply and discovered this thread.

Sometimes, I am surprised at how things that we put on the Internet stays permanently and we are able to come back to it after so many years later.


So, have the transcripts been completed for this drama?


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