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BLCU vs. BeiDa, application help


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I'm a graduate student interested in enrolling for a Chinese Language Course at Peking University. I looked at Beida's website and I could only find a short-term application form, I am wondering if there's a different one because I'm interested in enrolling for a 1 year Chinese Language Course (setember 2008). Also what are the tuition fees for a full year course? To apply, is it only that form that I need to submit?

From what I know of my friend that went to Beida last year, she had to fill out a short term form twice..once at her home country and afterwards while at Beida.

Also, what offers a better language course overall? BLCU or Beida? Because I have friends at both but they each have their own opinion..BLCU seems to be more 'relaxed' while Beida seems more academic..

Any help/advice would be appreciated!!

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I'm currently in BLCU.... so my opinion might be a little basis.

I've visited both schools before I came to Beijing and I chose BLCU because the school is focused in teaching languages.

Aside from other differences in the two schools... I would recommend BLCU because if you need a tutor for example, there are domestic students in BLCU that is majoring in language education. My tutor is currently a graduate in teaching Chinese to foreign students, which is great for me because while she's not like my teacher, she is able to point out most of my flaws in Chinese with reasonable explanations.

While I'm not saying Beida isn't good for Chinese course, I'm just saying that the atmosphere in BLCU is more geared to teaching the language, Chinese, to foreign students.

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I'm Japanese and I am going to study Chinese in BLCU in 2008 fall :D.

Based on my knowledge in Japan, it is difficult to apply Beida 1 year course now.

I heard the deadline of Beida 1 year course is March 31.

Beida also does not allow application from Japanese.

It only allows application from institution which arranges study in china.

If you are beginner, Beida is not good.

Some friends who study in Beijing said that Beida has very few classes for beginer and these classes are not good.

If you want to study other theme using Chinese,

I guess Beida is good for you.

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If you are considering Beida's 08 language program and haven't submitted your application yet, you should email them ASAP to find out if there's space left. Their program typically fills up way in advance of their published deadline and when I talked to one of the program administrator's 3 weeks ago, she'd told me there were few spaces left.

As people have mentioned, the big difference between the Beida program and BLCU is that Beida doesn't accept pure beginners into their program. You need to have an HSK or make a declaration that you know at least 800 words.

I should add that if anyone does end up applying to Beida you need to include in your application a signed form stating you understand that they are not responsible for providing housing. It's a form that, as far as I know, was not included in the downloadable application forms. Also, a reminder that your guarantor needs to not only be a Chinese citizen but a Beijing resident. I was ignorant of this but the Beida people were nice and contacted me right away so I could get the issue fixed pretty quickly. I can see how this would be a challenge for anyone without contacts in China, let alone Beijing. :(

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Guarantoor have to be a Beijing resident? Is that really true? I have been hearing different things about this. Wouldn't they miss out on alot of applicants this way?

Beida is my favorite choice but I only know ppl in Shanghai. Don't know a soul in Beijing:(

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blcu = money cow, and applying sucks at the moment because of the olympics (experienced this myself)..

anyways now im lookin into diqiucun in wudaokou, i heard its pretty good and its pretty easy to apply, also heard that it has sushe (not sure if its true).

will check it these days....

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@ randydandy

Did you find it easy to apply to beida? I can't even finnd their proper english website. Tsinghua has a good one but not beida.

Also did you have to state that you know 800 words/80 hours of lessons and was there any problem with guarantour i.e. have to be a Beijing resident etc?

Was Beida the only school u applied to?

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@ang moh,

it was quite easy for me since I have Chinese learning background. I have studied Chinese language for ages :mrgreen: I just want to enhance my Chinese speaking skills :mrgreen:

where are you from?

Yes, guarantor HAVE to be a resident of Beijing. And Beida is the only school that I applied.

Beida website: http://www.oir.pku.edu.cn/oirEn/apply_intel1.htm (but not working anymore now)

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@Imron thanks for the link. it provided som useful info but unfortuantely the beaida uni links didnt work

Beida dont seem to have one. every link I 've tried does not work or tells me nothing about applications for international students.

I find it very strange that Beida dont ahve a proper english website. It's a big and famous uni after all:S and most unis seem to have a proper one. Tsinghua and Fudan for ex.

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