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What happened to Empress Dowager Cixis's body?


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Ok might sound a little wierd, but what happened to it. I read her tomb was ramsacked by a general in the 1920's and her coffin was opened and her corpse was thrown on the ground.

But what happened after, did they find her remains and put her back in the coffin?

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After the ransack, most of the bodies of the coffins where scattered throughout the 2 tombs[慈禧陵: Cixi's tomb & 裕陵: Qianlong's tomb]. Those who were taking care of the tombs found out the next day. They couldn't figure out who's who, so they collected and buried all the remains into the same coffin.

Original in Simplified Chinese: ....和同时被盗的慈禧陵相比,裕陵中的乾隆与5位后妃的遭遇更加悲惨。两陵被盗后,清室负责善后的人进入裕陵地宫后发现白骨凌乱地扔在各处,除嘉庆帝生母孝仪皇后尸身完整外,其他的已经分不清哪个是皇帝的,哪个是后妃的,只好把骸骨殓葬在一具棺木内。

From: http://blog.soufun.com/11657105/139/articledetail.htm

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