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Visa for non-degree course


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Hi there,

I am thinking of enrolling in a non-degree course at a university. I already have a 3 yr multiple entry visa so I understandably don't want to give it up. But if I go to China and enroll at a university program they will probably force me to change the visa to a student visa. This visa will be for a shorter period of time, and maybe afterwards I won't be able to get a 3yr again?? Or do you think it's possible they won't care about changing the official status of the tourist visa?

Many thanks.

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I have a friend in class from America here with a multi-entry 1 year visa (don't know how the person got it), and that person has had no problems after almost a year now.

Of course, my friend does need to exit and reenter based upon maximum stay per visit (which I "think" is three months per visit).

We go to HIT in Harbin (northeast China).

I have a 1 year residence permit (which is unlimited entries) because I prepaid 1 year of schooling. HIT will assist in getting visas (last I checked) up to 4 years this way, if you prepay the tuition for the entire period.

If it's a worry, negotiate with the school before giving them money. All the schools I've dealt with are reasonable. They want your cash :) IMO

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I think they will let you keep it. One of the foreign students at my university right now is still on the 6 month F visa he got and as the expiration is coming he's trying to change it but they didn't force him to change it at all. Just communicate to the university that your visa is already taken care of.

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never take any visa easily ...it will open a worm can for you.If you change your visa to student visa....you have to leave main land again and change it in to other visas as its not possible to change the status of x visa to other visas from mainland until its completly finished and even after that you have to leave mainland.so,x visas can be crampy for you and as well have its own merits ,no doubt.But,if you get a job suddenly or chance some where to build yourself,student visa..ooopppsss no choice sorry ,you can do nothing on x visa legally neither job,nor business ,so chances will come and flod and you will not be able to grab it.if you have l visa you can change your visa status to any visas as per your situation here in china.so,decide on which way you like?

3 yrs. l visa ,seems a bit fancy though.

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