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Happy Birthday Chinese Forums


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Chinese-forums is turning 5 years old on the 23rd of this month, and such a momentous occasion calls for a celebration of sorts. Given that there hasn't been a forums meetup in a long while I figured why not combine the two.

So, bearing in mind various people's work schedules, the 24th of this month seems a pretty good date. The location will be somewhere in Beijing however members who won't be in Beijing at the time are also encouraged to hold their own meetups to commemorate the occasion :mrgreen: (see the Get-togethers, meets and events sticky for how to go about announcing your event).

A rough plan at the moment is maybe something along the lines of meeting up late afternoon for pre-dinner drinks somewhere, followed by dinner somewhere, followed by whatever people want to do after that, although at the moment, the plan's pretty flexible, so if anyone's got any better suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

If you're going to be in Beijing on that date and are interested in attending, RSVP me via a PM so I can get a rough idea of numbers. In the PM be sure to include who will be coming (in case you want to invite your non-forum reading SO), prefered location (Wudaokou, Houhai, Chaoyang, etc) and time, plus any other suggestions you have.

Also feel free to post your suggestions in this thread.

Sometime later next week after collating all the responses, I'll post more concrete info about time and location.

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Yeah Happy birthday Chinese-forums.

If there are some people in Nanjing , We could meet up on the 23rd. Get some Beijing Kao ya or some spicy Suan Cai Yu.

Give a buzz or PM if you're in town.



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Hmm... We want to have a party. Cdn_in_bj has an empty flat. Are we missing the obvious?

I can assure you that it will take a while for my place to "recover" from the move before it can be considered suitable for hosting guests. Even young bachelors. :)

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Ok, so to finalise a time and location then, lets say 6.45pm Saturday at the corner of 中关村南大街 and 民族学院北路. See here for the location. From there we can wander down the street and decide which restaurant looks/smells the nicest. I've sent PMs with my contact info to those who've said they're going in case anyone gets lost :mrgreen:

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