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HSK / IELTS / TOEFL equivalency


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I am trying to find out what level of HSK a student would need to be at if it was to be compared with an Internationally recognised English exam as follows

IELTS level 6 - 4 bands

TOEFL IBT 80 - 4 bands

TOEFL Paper 550 - 4 bands

4 bands = reading; writing; listening; speaking

Has any one completed comparison research?

What level HSK would need to be achieved and the student demonstrate competency in

Chinese language reading; writing; listening; speaking - if they we to be employed by a Chinese business in China?

Any help appreciated

Hong Ren

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This is what I've heard/understood so far:

Level 4: Undergraduate study (Bachelor) in some engineering disciplines

Level 6: University

Level 8: Minimum for working in a place where the main language is Chinese

I've also heard level 11 banded around as a requirement for people who want to seamlessly work in a Chinese-speaking workplace.

TOEFL is ridiculously easy compared to the HSK. I may be exaggerating, but it seems to me that getting a perfect score on TOEFL is easier than passing HSK Intermediate.

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This is a good question. I previously compared the Spanish and French tests with the HSK and found that the HSK test requires a lot more from the students. The texts are longer, there are more questions associated with the them and the time in which to do so appears shorter. I suspect this to be the case with other languages too. I would be interested in knowing more also.

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