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The origin of 保


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Does any one know the origin of 保?how is it created?

Like for 山 I know it's because it looks like three stood up mountains.

人 of course it looks like a human.

But how about ? Hope someone can help, thank you very much.

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Zhongwen.com and Wenlin imply that 亻represents a person holding a baby (子, originally with a rounder head) wrapped in blankets or swaddling clothes represented by 八. 子 surrounded by 八 ended up looking like 呆. Wenlin also quotes Lindqvist as saying: "On the oracle bones and bronzes, in some cases we see the child safe in the adult's arms, and other times the child is carried on a back, just as children are carried in China today." In the later case, the image seems to be lacking the 八 element, and the 子 part is joined directly to the bent back on the right side of curved 亻 element.
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Thank you all, and thank you very much Altair.

I know the 亻is mean person. But I wasn't able to figure it out the 呆.

My friend was making a joke:


Which started me to trying to figure it out the "real" origin of 保.

The joke is not the real explanation, but I am amaze by the creative ways to explain the joke, haha.

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