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Fall 2008: BNU or CNU?? Help me pls!!


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Hi, I am planning to study Chinese either in BNU or CNU this September. I have not decided yet, since I am so confused which university I should choose between those 2.

I heard that BNU is a better university in term of study materials. On the other hand, CNU has a better facilities, both at school and its dormitory.

Could you help me giving suggestion what between those 2 I should choose? Give me the positive and negative sides of both universities.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Every schools have own merits and demerits,if i were in place of you i would rather choose other schools than those where i can expose myself more.No doubt your choices are top most in china as per people's beilives and media high lights..take care staying in those places in capital is very very expensive for fun and shopping,as a student i will also note that.

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BNU. Easy.

I might be biased. Just a tad. Lots of comparison forums/forums about the schools here. xpat does have a point, but I made some fantastic friends at BNU and Beijing is a fantastic place to be for a number of reasons.

That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Dalian too, although the facilities where I was were nowhere near as good (be prepared for this where there are probably less foreign students)...

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