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Should I go to ICLP?


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I'm currently studying at NTNU's MTC, but have also been admitted to NTU's ICLP for the upcoming academic year. I don't know whether to stay at Shida or move on to Taida.

My main complaint about Shida is that it isn't intensive enough. I've gotten used to torturing myself with all-nighters and caffeinated beverages throughout secondary and undergraduate studies and can't get used to the fact I don't really have homework half the nights. I also find reading and repeating through the vocabuary list very boring. And this is with the intensive class, which will unlikely be offerred at the next level....

So is ICLP really worth the extra $2700 per semester? Conversation is not a problem. I'm an ABC and my pronounciation is probably better than most Chinese people (which isn't saying much...). I'm mainly here to cram as much vocabulary and learn as many new characters as I can.

Anyone with experience at either of these places, please comment.

What is the usual pace at ICLP?

At ICLP, are there opportunites for normal ICLP students to be integrated into the Tai-Da community (auditing classes, joining clubs, etc.)? What extracurricular activities (e.g. fieldtrips) does ICLP offer?

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I've heard nothing but great things about ICLP. As you mentioned the question it boils down to is your budget. If you can afford it or your parents can help you foot the bill, by all means go attend the program.

I'd also consider what kind of environment you learn best in and your learning style. It seems like you are a highly motivated learner though and your foundation is already decent. That being said, have you thought about going a cheaper route and hiring a private tutor? Maybe go to TLI in Taiwan. You can hire them to teach you 4 hours of 1 on 1 a day, ask them to teach you how you want to be taught, and it would still be cheaper than ICLP. You can also ask them to give you a lot of homework of course. The big drawback to 1 on 1 classes is that you can't really have good class discussions since it's just you and the teacher.

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I considered tutoring, but overall, I prefer to have classmates...being able to bounce off each other makes the conversation more entertaining. I may start out ambitious, but I get bored of things easily...if I'm given too much control over the schedule or pacing, I might decide to slack off and succeed in doing so.

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