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"构” and “解”


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Dear friends,

I cannot understand what do "构” and “解” mean in this sentence


Do you have any idea?

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Agree that "构" is 结构、构造;but "解, I think, should be understood as "化解、瓦解". It is here the opposite meaning of "强化" in the following line.

So 解 here is " to weaken, to disintegrate"

Also, both "构” and “解”are used with quotation marks. It means that they are just imagery use.

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Agree that "构" is 结构、构造;but "解, I think, should be understood as "化解、瓦解".

I have a different opinion. Since the argument in the first part says 我们认为这一结构解决方案,(the original 使 a typo, I guess)代表着建筑内在逻辑体系的“构”没有被“解”掉,it means that the structure is not destroyed or de-constructed(拆解 ), though it may have been remodeled or something else. Therefore, it is followed directly by an emphasis to stress that 這個結構解決方案 is rather a reinforcement and respect (强化和尊重) to the original concept of structure. So the conclusion goes :这种努力使“水立方”真正成为建筑而不是雕塑。 建築 basically is related to the concept of 'structure' while 雕塑是創作者將不符合其藝術創作概念去除(de-, remove)的過程. I agree with monto that you can read 解 here as 瓦解, but I doubt it can mean 化解(resolved), which is a total different concept of 瓦解or 拆解.

Hope it helps!:)

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