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meaning of 蚵


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ABC has kè, oyster.

Unihan has hé or kè

Unihan also lists é sourced from CEDICT, which I would guess is where Yellowbridge got it from.

But you should probably ask whoever is cooking it . . .

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蚵仔 = small oyster = 小牡蠣

dict.cn -> http://dict.cn/search/?q=%F2%C2 (hé, kè)

From the dictionary of the Taiwan Ministry of Education ->





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蚵 means "oyster" and should be pronounced "hé" when appearing on Taiwanese menus, although most Taiwanese (even those who don't speak Hokkien) would use the Hokkien pronunciation ("ô", similar to Mandarin "é").

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What Mugi said. Even Mandarin speakers here shift to Hokkien when saying o-a (蚵仔). One of those words that are only used in dialect, if you say it in Mandarin chances are you won't be understood.

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