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Sporting Exercise Equipment In China


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Is exercise equipment like weights etc easy to get? I have tried looking online and can't find much.

I can find the names of stores, but no websites, and the few website references I do find are listing manufacturers and exporters of exercise equipment, not local retailers.

I checked the Walmart China website but they did not list products.

Any info would be apreciated. I am looking to pick up some weights when I get over and just want to know if they are common.

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Carrefour has some weightlifting equipment. Barbells, etc No 50lb weights, but they do have the smaller weights. I imagine Walmart does as well.

There is also a fairly large sporting goods place near my house that is something like an REI. (I foirget the name, sorry) They have archery equipment, horse riding boots, and many less-esoteric pieces of equipment.

So, to answer your question... In Beijing at least, its no problem to find weights, etc.

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Add in my request too:

Where to find:

curl bar (short, can attach to pulley type machine or has eyehole for D-ring attachment)?

tricep extension rope (you know the thick ones used for pulling downwards, ideally with think knobs at the end for grip/stoppage, also needs eyehole)?

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Thank you for the reply Magores.

The reason I ask is because I will be living in a small city and I was just trying to guage the overall availablity of such equipment.

As long as it is available somewhere I should be able to find some.


I found this site, perhaps it will help:


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