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请拾到者送到。。。when to use zhě3


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者can mean a "person" (it can have other meaning). Common used when something apply to a person or relating something to a person




when 者 don't just mean about a person



this also works too


If you found....please "return" to.....

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者 means "the person who...." or "the one(not necessarily person)"

it is placed in the end of the word.

eg), 作者("author", the person who wrote this) "作者"is a fixed word though. you can find it in a dictionary

However 者can be used in a flexible way with other characters to form words/phrases. like the example you gave--拾到者, which is not likely to be found in dictionaries.


"搞" "做" both mean "do", both used very widely in many different ways. They are close in meaning...

The difference i can think of is that "搞"has the meaning of "create", or "make", in both good and bad ways. Good as in "搞建设"(to construct), "搞个聚会" (to organise a party). Bad as in "搞破坏"(to damage, sabotage)

while "做" can not replace 搞 in those phrases.


"摆" has the meaning of "posing" while "放" simply means "to put"... I think.

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