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Visa Question: Changing student visa from university to another


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Hi everyone!

I was wondering if someone could help me out. I'm currently studying in Wuhan china and Im on a student visa that expires August the 1st. I plan on coming back next year to study, but not too wuhan, and i'm not sure where yet. I'm thinking of dalian, xi'an or kunming and i'm going to visit them all before i go home in july.

The problem is with the olympics and me having limited time when i get home i was planning on telling my current university i want to study here next year, getting my permit extended for one year, and then when i come back going to the new university (say in dalian). Will i then have to go to the PSB and change my permit? I was planning on coming to china in august and then registering for classes and find a place to rent.

Will that be a problem? This seems a lot easier to me than going home, getting a new X visa, coming to china, getting a medical and changing it into the residence permit, especialy with the olympics coming and the short time i'm going to be in my home country.

What do you think of my plan? Are there any obvious drawbacks, apart from the dishonesty and feeling a guilty about my teachers.


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if you check your study visa in your passport, you'll notice it has a big red "cancelled"

on in, which was done when you got your residence permit. it should be your residence

permit that expires in august.

if you don't renew before expiration, which would require registering for classes and

paying tuition, you'll have to start the whole process all over, getting the jw-202 from

the new school and applying for a new visa from the embassy.

(are you planning on returning next year, or in august?)

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Yes your right, i meant residence permit. It expires on august the 1st and i'm planning on returning to china late august or early september. I think my school might give me the form i need to get my permit extended without paying tuition, maybe. I told the woman in charge i wanted to study another year and she told me to go to the office to pick up the form, and then go to the psb to get my passport fixed. Another student asked the same question but his permit expires in september (after the start of classes) so she told him he would have to wait untill next term to do it.

If they do then do you think it would be a good idea to get that? I'm worried about living in one city/province when my residence permit is issued from another.

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Dude,chinese university not only have the right to give you visa but also can cancel anytime.If you do not pay and get visa..if you do not pay in certain duration and fater getting residence permit ,if you leave college....college will cancel your residence permit.It means you will never know it until you go pack your things to go back home next year.Then ,you will be caught,have to pay fine and balck listed...that means not allowed to come to china agin.

Donot play with college in regarding tution fees.Do not think of without paying getting visas and then leave.Just one letter of college to psb will cancel your everything and you will be in big problem ahead.

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i was confused when you wrote come back 'next year' to study. i see, you meant next

semester/next school year. so, going home july, back in august. best bet then, if you

want to avoid redoing the x-visa, would be to contact the new school now, have them

prepare your new jw-202, and move there as soon as the current semester ends, on or

about 10 july. put your belongings in the cheapest student housing they have, and

you're now residing there. yay. have the uni take care of your new residence permit,

should take less than 10 days, which you can then use as your exit/entry visa for your

short vacation back home.

you'll probably need to renew your medical check, as the certificate is only valid for

one year. also check with the uni as to whether they will accept the cert from a

different province.

of course, if you want to visit several cities after classes, then your time is kinda short,

in which case you'll have to redo the x-visa, and wind up starting classes after the

next semester has begun.

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If you were to stay in China and not go home, the way to do it would be to get a certificate from your current school showing dates of study. I was going to do that a few years ago, and that was the info 川大 gave me if I were going to study there. You will also need your grade transcripts. You would then go to the new school you have decided on, and you will start the process for a new resident permit from there. You will still need to do the medical exams as anybody is required to do each year.

However, since I was going back to Europe that summer, I would have had to reapply for an X visa from outside of China or come in on an L visa and get that converted into a residence permit. The advantage of getting an X visa again is that you won't need to provide any certificates of study or transcripts to your new school if you don't have them/is not convenient to provide them.

In my own situation, I decided to go to a school other than 川大. I applied within China, but had them send the X visa application to my home address. I got my X visa in Hong Kong on the way back in since I needed my passport during the summer. You could check with whatever school you decide on if that is still possible with the Olympics.

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