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Visa for Olympics, then Study at Uni


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hi all :)

Would like some advice about visas for this situation:

I have tickets for the Olympics, and I would like to come to Beijing at the beginning of August, see the games, and then start a semester of Chinese study at Tsinghua Uni. I have my acceptance forms.

The Tsinghua webbie says to apply for an F or X student visa, but from reading the threads here, I gather that I will be sending my school forms with my F or X Visa application. However, classes at Tsinghua don't begin until late September--and I want to be in Beijing in August. Is this going to be a problem the application?

Should I be looking at a different type of Visa? How would you work this out, to be able to attend the Olympics and school? Thank you!

**a follow up question: although I plan to study in China for a year, I'm not committed to Beijing for the entire time. I applied for only one semester at Tsinghua--can I apply for an X visa, rather than getting sent to the F visa (6 month) pile? If I do get the F visa, what can I do to change that to a X Visa without leaving the country at the end of the fall semester? All advice appreciated. Thanks again :mrgreen:

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You don't get to specify whether you want an X or an F visa. This is decided upon by the embassy when they look at your application materials, and it usually depends on the length of time you will be studying (1 year - X, 6 months usually an F). As you have only applied for one semester, it is likely that you will only be given an F visa (although the current visa situation is so uncertain, this may not be the case).

Normally though you do get to specify what date you intend to enter China, and you can specify this to be earlier than the start of the semester, (previously I've had it almost a month earlier). If you are on an X visa however, it can't be too much earlier than the start of the semester because you only have 30 days from entry to get your residence permit sorted out and the school may not be able to sort this out for you before the semester starts.

At this time though, the visa situation is so uncertain, that really your best bet is to try to get on the phone to someone at your nearest Chinese embassy/consulate and ask them what to do.

Failing that, I would think that your best bet would be to put your intended entry date as sometime before the date of your Olympic tickets, and maybe include an explanation of your situation with your application, plus a photocopy of your olympic tickets.

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Or just get an L. Convert it later. 3 Uni reps have said that to us. In fact many Unis are refusing to issue JWs in the short term and swear L is ok and can be converted if you stay longer.

At this time though, the visa situation is so uncertain, that really your best bet is to try to get on the phone to someone at your nearest Chinese embassy/consulate and ask them what to do.

If you ask them, often they follow "the book" - -whatever it is on that day - -and will pick the strictest interpretation. In person they seem less strict. Feedback from students who called then visited said the answers were nihgt and day.

And applying might just be better than asking in some cases. The info desk told someone we know "no" and the counter says yes.

Smile look stary eyed and enthusiastic. Get legalistic, bring up every possible scenario , or have an attitude or sense of entitlement and get told where to go. (then blame me and get nasty - and even more ranting tonight:roll:)

Same consulate same day different result for two of our customers this month. Guess which one got the visa?

Secret: many of the people there want to help you. They want you to succeed. Ask them can I do XYZ and the answer is stricly "no" because they don't want to take chances (or they're not sure). They would rather have you not ask it seems sometimes - just give them the form and smile.

Think of it this way.

Driver: What's the speed limit?

Police officer: 30

D: So can I do 31 (or 35)?

PO: No. 30 is the limit, anything more is illegal.

Repeat iteration in various ways twice.

Actual situation: unofficial policy might be 5 mph leeway. But if you ask them . . .


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