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What these 3 signs mean?


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Ok so i got this picture of chinese signs and I need to know what they mean.


If the image doesn't load click here

It looks like evolution...

The first one looks like a cow in the beggining but then it changes into a... ship?

The second one looks like some kind of bird, perhaps pelican

And the last one - a cross but what is the meaning?

Thanks in advance. :wink::D

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It's showing the evolution of chinese characters through the ages, with the characters on the left showing how they were written thousands of years ago, and the characters on the right showing how they are written today. Those in the middle show the progression.

The first one means horse 马

The second one means fish 鱼

and the third one means a vehicle/car 车

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Whenever I see these things I always chuckle at how silly some of the earlier ones looked. The are much better now even if not as easy to learn/recognize.

3rd from left always kills me.

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