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Study Chinese in Dalian


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I been also looking into Dalian as my option for next summer.. I plan to go to China next summer, for 3 month, to study Chinese.. and also to see another country.. I wanted to see China anyways.

Does anyone know some good Universities with good Chinese language program?

Where can I get some information about the cost to live and study there?

How much would I need if I will go there? (I will be there for about 3 month)

Have anyone studied or worked there? What do you think about the city? What do you think about prices and things like that?

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I don't think anyone is trying to be rude. It's just that roddy and other people have probably written hundreds of pages on Dalian: detailed comparison of schools, degrees, accents, weather, living conditions, nightlife, etc. etc. Hence the pointer to the search function. If you want to make a more detailed search you could make a google search limiting your results to chinese-forums.com .....

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Panda Chinese Language school was founded in 2009, located in the central of Dalian, is a professional training institution of mandarin, offering practical Chinese training courses to the foreigners who working and living in Dalian.

Panda School's unique Chinese teaching method which separates spoken Chinese and character recognition has been proven to expedite Mandarin Chinese language learning. While progressing quicker in spoken Chinese, students also lay better foundations for character memorization by understanding the logic of Chinese characters' construction.

We provide one-on-one ,one-on-two Chinese courses and small Chinese classes in Dalian, China. The courses are available all year round. Learning here is quite different from at a university because of our friendly environment and excellent service. The training courses are designed to suit each student’s requirements. With the help of our professional teachers, students can improve greatly within only a few months.

We try our best to build a communicating bridge for foreign friends living in Dalian. The learners are able to enjoy the charm of Chinese language and culture in Panda School!

If you want to learn Chinese in Dalian, or if you are looking for personalized Chinese teaching service, Panda Chinese Language School is for you!

Contact us now to start your China adventure!

Why Us?


• Free Chinese Level Pretest and Learning Plan Consulting

The course consultant will give you both oral and written test (either in Chinese character or Pinyin) and accordingly provide you suggestions regarding your present Chinese level. Meanwhile, personal learning plan also will be made based on the test result.

• Faculty

All the teachers either hold a Master's degree in Chinese language and literature or the certificate of teaching Chinese as foreign language (ECFL for short), and they all have over 2 years teaching experience on teaching Chinese. To ensure high standard teaching quality, all the teachers still have to complete a formal training course which lasts one month. Moreover, all the teachers are patient, professional, and passionate about teaching Mandarin as effectively as they can.

• Teaching material

We select the most professional and enjoyable textbooks as the teaching material. Hand-outs and multimedia are widely used in all classes. By these materials, you can enjoy the sheer Mandarin learning pleasure.

• One to One teaching form

To ensure high standard teaching quality, we use one to one teaching form. We will provide 1 tutor for the student, and provide personal learning plan according to student's own situations. Certainly, we also can adjust teacher and student proportion to 1:2 or 1:3, and we will assign teachers according to the students' special needs, wants and wishes.

• Learn Chinese Online

You’re busy, so we let you decide when to have class. If you aren't in China, you can learn Chinese Online. Using MSN or Skype technologies over the internet, you will literally be face-to-face with your teacher in real-time as they help you to obtain tangible improvements in your language skills. If you're looking for systematic, personalized studies that open up our dialogue lessons, our tutors are for you.

If you plan to study Chinese in Dalian, please contact us. You will get a quick and professional reply





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