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Chinese Signs in Internet Explorer Windows Mobile


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Hi all,

I try to see chinese characters in my internet explorer on windows mobile 5 device. Unfortunately, the only thing I see is a small sqaure per sign. As I dont want to buy CE-Star or any comparable software I wonder how it is possible to equip my system with the right font and let the Internet Explorer use it (without buiying anything)

Thanks for your replies,

cheers, Sven

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The software is for those of us with English OS, that would like to view and/or input Chinese on our WM 5/6 devices. Seems like such a simple thing, but it's not.

I used to use CE Star, but it often would cause my WM6 device to crash...

I just started using SunGlobe, so far so good!

There are actually two files...

Sunglobe.cab allows you to VIEW Chinese, works great!

ZtA4 allows for INPUT you need to choose either the VGA or QVGA version.

Here are two sites to access the cab or find another by doing a search for sunglobe.cab



Sunglobe worked the first time, no problem, very stable. I've had it for a couple of months now and am very impressed.

A4, was less stable on my Palm Treo 750V with WM 6, maybe it is better on other devices. I might need to try again at a later date.

Hope this helps

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