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Flying Lanterns

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I'm interested in learning how to make a traditional flying lantern, I saw them being set off by the ocean in Thailand and after some research found out that they are a traditional chinese craft and very popular !

I would love to learn how to make them and learning from the culture who basically invented them would be even better !

Thanks everyone !

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I seem to remember that it is banned in Hong Kong because it is dangerous. But I am not sure if I remember correctly.

Here is an article saying that it is also banned in Nanjing -> http://www.china.org.cn/english/government/243314.htm

As to how to make one, I've found some info (Chinese) here.

And here is a blog (English) on people trying to make one on their own. :)

btw, the lantern is called "Kongming Deng" in Chinese.

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And this from an obsolete webpage -

The Theory of the Sky Lantern

The sky lantern floats by means of the hot air from burning. As shown in the commonly held theory- to expand when hot and to shrink when cold-, the air inside the sky lantern expands when filled in with heat. The limited lantern space emits excessive molecules into the air. Reduced air quality is lessens the air density inside the sky lantern. When the internal air density is lower than the outside, the so-called Archimedean floating forces are generated so much as to be able to propel the sky lantern up to the sky.

The Making of the Sky Lantern

First, make a bamboo frame using a piece of bamboo strip about 7 feet and 4 inches long to form a circle and fasten it with tapes. Next, use a wire and crisscross it around the middle of the circle. Lay down on a table a piece of brush-pen writing paper measuring 5 feet in length and 3 feet in width. After cutting the paper into the shape of a sky lantern, attach it to the bamboo frame. For the attachment of the paper and the bamboo frame, first, apply the double-sided tape over the outer bamboo frame, and then, attach it to the base of the brush paper. Next, lay out the paper and put on the bamboo frame reversely. Finally, glue the four sides of the circle and a sky lantern is completed. Prepare 12 to 15 pieces of "Shou Jin" (yellow paper with gold spots on it) and immerse them in coal oil. Tie the Shou Jin to the central point of the circle and it is now ready to be ignited.

PS - four sides of the circle :lol:

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