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How to count unique characters in a document?


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Does anyone know how to count the amount of unique characters in a document?

In Word, I can see how many characters my document contains but I want to know how many unique characters there are. Can I do something with Word or is there any on-line tools that is possible to use.

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I don't think Word can do it, and I'm not sure if there are online tools for this either (it wouldn't be really practical to paste huge chapters into an online text box).

I simply wrote a tiny program which counts the number of unique characters in a unicode document. It's not very user-friendly, though.

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I did something similar to what renzhe is talking about. I usually use OpenOffice to work on Chinese texts. What I did was save the file to plain Unicode text and then I ran a python script on it to compute how many unique characters were present and their frequency and show the results in order of decreasing frequency.

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You might find this vocabulary profiler to be useful...


It can provide total character count, unique character count, frequencies of those characters, whether each character is in the HSK (or other) lists, and also do an analysis of the incidence of bigrams trigrams etc.

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I think this Excel macro may help.

It basically compares whatever text is highlighted against a "reference" list and then gives a count of each character that occurs, split by whether it's in the reference list or not. If you don't want to compare against "known" characters, then simply delete the reference list.

If you are happy running the macro directly, rather than just pressing the analyse button, you simply select the text in your sheet and run the macro via alt+F8. (The macro is called "Main". I apologise!) Otherwise you need to cut and paste into the "Source" sheet of the macro workbook and select the text you want analysed.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have problems.

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