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Hey guys,

I want to find out about the price range of 1-2 room apartments in Shanghai, in the area of fudan university (I don't know which neighborhood is it0. How much is a reasonable price for a decent 2 room apartment, what are the rules (if any) and where should I go to find them (internet, ads, etc.)


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Fudan is in the northeast of Shanghai, somewhat out in the boonies, like a 40 RMB cab ride to get downtown. if you check out this map, (the subway map), http://www.smartshanghai.com/maps/smsh_metromap.php Fudan would be just a little east of the Jiangwan Town on the yellow line. If you click got to the street map and click the up arrow eight times, http://www.smartshanghai.com/maps/smsh_map.php you should see Handan Lu and Wuding lu, Fudan's campus is right between those. ( be warned though the street map is outdated and is missing alot of subway stops)

Now, if I'm not mistaken, a nice two apartment around those parts was about 4 thousand rmb but this was about two years ago so the price may have gone up. The english websites that list apartments are rip offs and don't list apartments in that area anyhow. You're best bet is to stay in a hotel by fudan for a few days while you find an apartment with a local real estate agent. there's always people doing this so you should find a crowd to help you out. The student dorms were 2700 RMB a month in the fall of '06, and they were comfortable (A/C, TV, private bathroom) but you could get much better value if you shared an apartment with someone just off campus+. There's a bunch of different complexes that are all pretty good depending what you're into.

good luck

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