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独自等待 (Waiting Alone) --- a China rarely seen in cinema


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Wiki's words:

Waiting Alone (Chinese: 独自等待; pinyin: Dúzì Děngdài) is a 2005 Chinese romantic comedy film written & directed by Chinese-American filmmaker Dayyan Eng (Chinese: 伍仕贤; pinyin: Wǔ Shìxían), depicting the lives of a group of hip, affluent, twenty-something Beijing residents. The film features Chinese movie stars Xia Yu, Gong Beibi and Li Bingbing. It also features cameos of some of China's best known actors, including Chow Yun-Fat.

Excellent reviews and strong word-of-mouth made this independent film a hit in China where it was embraced by young audiences. In 2005, Waiting Alone was nominated for three Chinese academy awards (Golden Rooster Awards) including Best Picture; the first time a nomination was awarded to a foreign director in this category. Waiting Alone was acquired for international distribution in 2006 by Arclight Films.


My words:

Haven't ever seen a Chinese film quite like this one. Metropolitan, young, energetic, funny, and when it comes to love, it's so wonderfully triangular, albeit not at all an ugly one. Lighthearted sometimes that you fall off your chair laughing, meanwhile emotion-stirring at times that you yield a sigh feeling for the characters. And for the whole time you experience the closest touch to the real China you (or I :mrgreen:) live in.

I watched it on youku, a single video containing the whole film, subtitled in Chinese (there're typos and mismatches). It's the kind of movie that you don't need to watch for long before you decide if it's your cup of tea, and most, I predict, would stay tuned.

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