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Yuchi Gong


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I've browsed through multiple sites and I even have a little child's book of Yuchi Gong (尉迟恭), and I can't seem to distinguish if Yuchi Gong is real or just a myth?

Curious only because my father says that we have a blood relation to him (which I doubt, but we do have the same name).

I also saw some article on xinhua news about a ginko tree that is thousands of years old, and people think it was planted by Yuchi Gong.

So far, I've only gathered that he was a general in Tang dynasty, and then it goes on about him being a door god and some festival or tradition of some sort ._.

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yeah, Yuchi Gong(585~658) is quite a true man in history. Attent the

rebelion army of Liu Wuzhou against Sui Dynasty, and then surrendered

to Li shimin(Tang emperor), and once saved Li's life in a battle,

helped Li shimin won the Palace coup against his brothers and successfully

'persuad' Li's father grant the throne to Li, while saved the lives

of those followed the losers of this coup. and won many battles

against Tujue. Well, so success his life. :shock:

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