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Chinese Name to be transposed to Western Culture Issue


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I have a question that my fiance does not know the answer.

Her Chinese Name is : Liu De Hua

And she refers to it as:

Liu = Family Name

De = Middle Name

Hua = End name

As we all know, in Western culture, a person's name follows the following format:

Christain Name

Potential Second Christain Name

Surname / Family Name

When I asked my Fiance given the above, what her name would be, she said that it would be De Hua Liu

However, I believe from what she has told me it should be

Hua De Liu

Can someone please help? What should it be? This has impacts pertaining to Legal documents etc..

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The problem comes with the way you have spaced her name. It should actually be Liu Dehua. Liu is her surname, Dehua is her given name. There is no 'middle name' as such, but rather its just that that character happens to be in the middle of her name.

So on any legal documents and the like you would use:

Surname: Liu

Given Name: Dehua

and then leave any Middle Name sections blank.

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Chinese names usually consist only of two parts. That's why they call it 'xingming', 'family name-given name'. So it's what imron said, she's Liu Dehua in China and Dehua Liu in the west. (And I'm assuming that's not her real name :-) )

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From wikipedia:

The term Christian name is sometimes used as a general synonym for given name. Strictly speaking, the term applies to a name formally given to a child at an infant baptism or "christening", practised by some Christian groups.
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Names that come from the Christian mythology, like John, Mark, Luke, Mary etc. Although often old testament names are colloquially referred to as "Christian" names also. (although in truth I think the best term would be "judaic name" hehe, all of the characters are hebrew afaik). Anyways is a common term used in the USA, I am not certain about other countries.

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