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Has anyone done/doing Acrobatics at BJIAS - Beijing International Arts School?


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Hi Everyone,

I am brand new to the forum, i found it when I was searching for information on BJIAS (Beijing International Arts School). The post i found however was from 2005 so I guess I am just looking for some more current information or whether anyone is interested in sharing the experience they had there.

I have been accepted already, so its not really a question of me changing my mind, but would like to get some info before I go. :D

My background is 6 or so years of martial arts and I have been doing acrobatics exclusively for the last 2 years, concentrating more on the aerial stuff like double trapeze tissu and straps, in which my progress was quite good, my tumbling progress however has been much slower, (I can frontsault but not backsault or back flip for instance)

I was a bit concerned when i read the previous posts about BJIAS in regards to how the teachers ignore you if you say, suck at tumbling - can anyone confirm/clarify this?

tumbling, straps and handstands are the three primary diciplines I want to specialise in. Whats the quality of instruction like in these areas?

Any help, or opinions would be much appreciated, and I look forward to chatting with you guys



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