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Impromptu Wong Kar-Wai festival


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Well no, actually, Skylee. I'm coming to terms with the fact the chances of me having any kind of romantic entanglement with Maggie Cheung in 1960s Hong Kong are, to be honest, somewhat slim. And I suspect they're actually getting slimmer as time goes on. I suppose the fundamental cruelty and injustice of that is rather bothering me.

It's ok, I'll watch some film where the plot might actually happen to me - Beijing Bicycle, perhaps - and I'll feel better.

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Anyway, just watched In The Mood For Love. And damn, but it's gorgeous. There's no need for me to add anything - if you haven't watched it watch it, if you have watched it watch it again.

Since you just watched it, in the version you saw, is there a scene in the hotel room where


in the mirror you can see indications Tony and Maggie are making love?


That was in the version I saw in the theater, but it doesn't seem to be on any of the DVDs I have.

If you have access to the making of/deleted scenes, check them out -- at one point ITMFL was going to be a fast-paced comedy revolving around food.

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  • 10 years later...

I'm reviving this thread as BFI Southbank is screening all his films throughout July and I went to see 6 of them. I'm almost certain I probably have watched some of his 90's stuff because one of my friends said I watched them with her but since I can't remember anything about them, it just felt like a first time watch. My favourite is definitely Chungking Express and In the Mood for Love, followed closely by Happy Together and Fallen Angels and then 2046 and Days of Being Wild. 


After watching Chungking Express I couldn't help thinking that Amelie must be somehow inspired by Chunking Express, Faye Wong character just has that same quirky, endearing quality to Amelie and the use of colours just reminds me so much of Amelie. In the Mood for Love is quite possibly the most beautiful film I've seen. 


Not so invested in the first story of Fallen Angels with the assassin but the second story with Takeshi Kaneshiro as the main character is very funny and sad at the same time. Happy Together I think other than the whole toxic relationship storyline, I feel like I can relate to the feeling of being a foreigner in another country and just that feeling of alienation and loneliness is captured so well, also love Chang Chen's character in this movie, gives it an upbeat and light touch to an otherwise depressing film. 


If you are in London I highly recommend you to check them out. I think they are adding extra screenings due to popular demand. 

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It is great you have had that opportunity, @Amy. Chunking Express is probably my favorite too and I've seen it several times. Would really enjoy seeing more of his work. A pity that I'm not in London for the event! I saw In the Mood for Love on the TV while I was living in China. Liked it too, but would have preferred seeing it on the big screen. 


Recently I've watched Ashes of Time Redux here in the US on Amazon Prime, to which I subscribe. https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/61351-ashes-of-time-redux/?tab=comments#comment-480466



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@abcdefg Yes, so lucky they're screening these classics. I think there was a bluray collection called World of Wong Kar Wai that was released in March this year, unfortunately Ashes of Time is not included. I think I might actually get ticket to see that one as well if they're still available. 

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Looks like these are available a little more widely, coming to some Picturehouse cinemas from August onwards. See here. Still figuring out what's actually available here in Edinburgh, but if I can see Chungking Express and In the Mood for Love on the big screen...


Edit: I got fed up with the website and wrote down Edinburgh show times. The first (Sunday dates) are matinees, the second (Wed) are evening showings. 

As Tears Go By 8th / 11th Aug

Days of Being Wild 15th 18th

Chungking Express 22nd / 25th

Fallen Angels 29th Aug / 1st Sept

Happy Together 5th / 8th

In the Mood for Love 12th / /15th

2046 19th / 22nd. 


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3 hours ago, roddy said:

I won't be in Edinburgh when Chungking Express is on, will be sorely tempted to nip through to Glasgow and catch it there.

It will be worth it! At least for me because I used to be obsessed with Takeshi Kaneshiro when I was a teenager 😅

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  • 1 month later...

Saw In the Mood for Love at the Cameo last night - gorgeous on the big screen. Due to me reading the seating diagram upside down, we were very near the front, but the Cameo isn't particularly big screens, so it wasn't a problem, except possibly whenever Siu Ping Lam was in close-up. Will catch 2046 next week, hopefully.

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Very happy to hear that the Cameo is still operating!  Cinemas must have had it very hard during the pandemic.


btw I've recently become rather obsessed with Faye Wong 王菲, especially when I discovered her Cocteau Twins cover versions. Proper Edinburgh connection there! (or at least Scotland connection)... I once made eye contact with Elizabeth Frazer walking along Princes St and my heart STOPPED.



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  • 2 weeks later...

For people in London. Prince Charles Cinema just announced a Wong Kar Wai season from November 2021 to January 2022. Tickets are on sale this Saturday or today if you have PCC membership 😀 I'm going to take my husband to see a couple of films as he went with me to see Fallen Angels and didn't understand it.... 🤔

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