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Shanghai bicycle case


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The man who stabbed six police officers in Shanghai was executed yesterday: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/27/world/asia/27shanghai.html

Did the police really beat him during their interrogations of him?

The incident happened in July. He was executed 4 months later. Do you think the sentence was too harsh in light of circumstances?

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It works up here in Beijing - it's maybe more sensitive in Shanghai.

It's an odd case. The guy had actually had something very similar happen before - he was visiting Datong or somewhere similar, got picked up by the police and ended up getting a fair chunk of compensation for whatever happened. The authorities have also been singularly non-transparent in their handling of the case. And then you have the Internet declaring a crazed mass-murder a folk hero. I think the fairest thing might have been to declare both Yang and the Chinese justice system guilty, but that was never all that likely.

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Who's denying that, bar the 'folk hero' lot on the Internet - he was always going to get the harshest punishment on the books, and in China that's death (oh, and removal of your political rights into the bargain). The issues are around the way the case was handled - why wasn't his father able to see him, where did his mother disappear to, what actually happened while he was under arrest, etc.

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In all honesty he probably was beaten and stripped of all his basic rights due to what he did. Was this fair from a Western point of view? No, but this is what happens in China when you do these types of things. The system needs a change, but damned is he who tries to bring down the state.

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