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How long before you can enter an undergraduate course?


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Hi all

I read that language students have to take an HKS-test for permission to start an undergradute education. I am wondering how many years people have to do language programs before they have mastered the necessary language skills to start studying for an undergraduate degree. Of course, this must differ from one person to another but it must also be possible to give a general idea.

Thank you in advance

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It depends on what undergraduate course you want to study, as different courses require different levels of HSK. But for a level 6, which would be enough to get you onto most courses, I'd estimate about 2 years if you are studying and living in China.

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It should be mentioned that the level 6 on the HSK is not required until you actually graduate with your Bachelor's degree. This has been my own experience and the experience of several others I know. So long as you feel comfortable with your language ability then you can begin whenever. Just so long as you pass HSK level 6 by the time you graduate.

On the other hand, graduate programs require an HSK level 8, if I'm not mistaken, when actually registering for courses.

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A very important factor is also how long you are being taught for. As has just been said, you will need a mimimum of HSK 6 for a langauge course (not a foreigner-specfic language course - the type of language course a Chinese student would do) and for many other Bachelor's degrees too.

If you are being trained by a university's language section, school, etc, they are most likely to teach you for 2 hours per day. This will likely take you 2 years.

However if you enroll in a flexible language school (a separate institution than a university), they should be able to teach you for 4 hours per day. With a mimimum of 5 study days per week, you can reach HSK 6 within 10 months to a year, providing you don't feel too strained.

I am doing exactly this; enrolling in language training school, to study for 4 hours per day, 5 days per week, to hopefully gain my HSK 6 within a year to attend university in China in 2010 - perhaps Xiamen University.

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