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宅 - A colloqualism?


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According to my dictionary and youdao, 宅 means 'residence'. I suspect the usage below is sort a slang. What does it mean in this context? Thanks!


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actually the original japanese word is 御宅, which means someone who devotes himself to a certain object, for example, アニメ御宅 means one whose life is filled with cartoon and rarely does anything else.

when the word comes to China, the meaning is gradually changed. just like zhun18ji said, now it only means staying at home and have no social communication.

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Slow Chinese is such a great podcast. Now I don't even bother to subscribe to any other podcasts...I even wrote the guy a fan e-mail...

Do read the lesson on Slow-Chinese...yes, it's slang, if you say something like 我很宅, but you can use it in a very formal situation when you write that character 宅 on a formal business card to indicate your residence.

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Oh,that's too bad.Many Japanese word has come into Chinese by anime and manga.If you are intereted in Japanese manga culture you should be familiar with otaku.That refers to those who are enthusiam in Anime,Comic ,Game (so-called ACG),and alway stay home to enjoy their hobby.

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